kaiseki cuisine

At Kyoto Cuisine Enishi, we keep our menu flexible so that you may
enjoy ingredients when they are truly at their most delicious.
While preserving the traditions of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine in its
exploration of seasonality in each of the four seasons,
we are constantly introducing new ingredients and techniques into our
Created in this way, each and every dish we serve works brilliantly in
the sequencing of our course dishes.
At Kyoto Cuisine Enishi, it is our pleasure to accommodate the
requirements of your function by preparing either our hon-kaiseki course, or any of a number of different courses.
We use ingredients such as Kyoto vegetables, Japanese-grown
matsutake mushrooms, and fresh seafood from carefully selected areas, and are progressive about using top ingredients from the West, such as caviar and foie gras, in our unique approach to the evolution of kaiseki cuisine.
We invite you to come and enjoy the spirit of Kyoto kaiseki, a cuisine
that is evolving day by day.

Shinichiro Kawabata


After completing his training in an
established restaurant specializing in Kyoto cuisine,
went on to exercise his talents in restaurants
specializing in Japanese cuisine and seafood.
Opened Kyoto Cuisine Enishi in Isesaki,
Gunma Prefecture in September 2002.
Champions the evolution of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine with sensitivity to the changing times.

Course Menu

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All courses served at Kyoto Cuisine Enishi present the very best in exquisitely prepared dishes, created with unsparing use of select ingredients of the highest quality.
We invite you to come and enjoy kaiseki cuisine made with ingredients of the highest quality in an exceptional space.



  • Dance


    <13 dishes>

  • Ōgi


    <14 dishes>

  • Elegance


    <15 dishes>


Seasonal kaiseki

  • Snow


    <13 dishes>

  • Moon


    <14 dishes>

  • Flower


    <15 dishes>


Flower kaisek

  • Madder


    <13 dishes>

  • Orchid


    <14 dishes>

  • Aoi


    <15 dishes>



  • Kyoto's flower

    <11 dishes>


  • Kyoto's banquet

    <12 dishes>


We welcome you to
discuss course content that fits
with your budget and function requirements.




At Kyoto Cuisine Enishi in Isesaki, we offer a wide selection of sake and shochu that accompany kaiseki cuisine nicely.
We are also happy to source your favorite brands with a little advance notice.
We invite you to enjoy a special glass that will serve to further enhance the flavor of our dishes.


We welcome you to enjoy a meal at Kyoto Cuisine Enishi when you visit Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture.
Our private rooms are the perfect place to relieve the weariness of your travels.
Our three private rooms are exceptional spaces where you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine created from the very best of ingredients.
Up to 18 guests can be accommodated when the partitions between these rooms are removed.
We also have table seating for up to 33 patrons, so we are also ready to accommodate group dinner parties and banquets.
A superb space to enjoy delicious meals.
At Kyoto Cuisine Enishi, we promise you the very best in all aspects of your dining experience—in our rooms, interior decor, and our service.
At Kyoto Cuisine Enishi, we are equipped with three private rooms and table seating for 33 patrons, making us the perfect place to enjoy banquets, group dinner parties, or private events to suit your special requirements.
We welcome you to come and spend a relaxed, leisurely time with those important to you, enjoying yourself fully in the style of your function.



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